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    • Lee
    • Posted on Fri 11 Jan 2008

    Hi Jake

    But I'm sure you know a man who does ;-)

    In fact, that man is now me. My confusion with all this is because I'd already set my "User Preferences\Mail\Internet\Internet mail format ". This, I wrongly assumed, should have been enough. Having checked on Notes.net I still couldn't find the correct solution hence posting to you. After posting I dug even further and found that you also need to change the location document (Change the Internet format to MIME). Doh!! - how stupid of me not to realise , so obvious really;-).

    That works fine now. One small thing though. If, prior to opening it on the workspace, I don't save or send it (either will do), the Body content won't show. I'm assuming that is because of the Rich Text field limitations on 'unsaved' documents but if anyone knows better, I'd be grateful for some pointers. (It's not a major issue).



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