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  1. The horrible truth is that Netscape invented JavaScript and that there appears to be little or no conformance to a "standard". The nice people at Microsoft have a nasty habit of breaking standards or simply changeing them and saying "we are Microsoft so this is the new standard" along with extensions and modifications to either Java or JavaScript. In the end I need to write web applications that will operate the same in both Windows and Linux/Unix environments. I depend on the W3C HTML Validator to confirm that my pages are correct HTML 4.01 and I use Domino web agents to output most of my critical pages as that allows fine control over the page. Netscape seems to be a better tool to use for those of us that are not addicted to Microsoft virusware. We at least have choices for our browser and may use Amaya, Konqueror, Mozilla or even text based links/lynx. The W3C Validator solves a lot of problems but Javascript, as your article suggests, is a pain in my side for cross platform/browser functionality.


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