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    • Jono
    • Posted on Fri 7 Nov 2003

    This is a wicked tool - I've been wondering for a while about HTML emails and the java version kinda scared me off...

    However, I have a question I wondered if someone knew the answer to.

    I have a purely notes-client based database, that sends mail to users with a link to a document in the database. Using the normal @Mailsend(blah blah) works fine obviously, and including the [IncludeDOcLink] parameter adds a link (that opens the document IN the notes client).

    In the example on the mail send agent, the link was "http://....." so when it opens up, it does so in the default web browser. I need a 'notes-client' link, as achieved by the @mailsend(....[includedoclink]) command.

    Any ideas anyone?

    Thanks, Jon.

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