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  1. This may be a leading question, but I'm going to post it just the same. First, a statement to provide some context: I have written a LotusScript-based XML tool that uses the MS XML Parser (in IE) to open a target XML document and march through the document based on a Parent Node that you can specify, i.e. start anywhere within the tree and look for all instances of that node and move inward. This is handled via a recursive function call. The result is one Notes document per parent node. The logic works great if I want to move from the specified parent node inward to create Notes Documents, but I have one instance [so far] where this is not the case. This is where I think (but don't know) where XSL may come to save the day. Ideally, the result needs to use one of the child nodes as the parent, but also keep the "named parent" data. Any ideas, am I wasting key strokes, or do you want to hear more?

    Thanks for any attention : ) Scott

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