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    • Lenni Sauve
    • Posted on Tue 19 Jun 2012

    Hi Jake!

    I'm still using your validator, and finding it very effective.

    I am finding that if I have a function for a field, which contains different error messages, sometimes the same error message is retained, when it should change to another. So I need to find a way to clear the existing message and present the new one. Seems so simple, but I can't get this to happen. I've tried setting the message to nothing or calling a reload, but nothing seems to work properly. Do you have any suggestions?

    Another thing that has just started happening within the validation.js file is, when it is opened, I receive 10 errors. The first 2 are "Synax error on token ",", LiteralField expected after this token" and the last 8 are "Syntax error on token "break",; expected after this token". How can I fix these?


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