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  1. From my experience. When customers move away from Notes they are often so frustrated that they don't want so spend a single Penny on the old infrastructure (but countless money on the new).

    Having said that an SQL migration tool could still work because even companies that keep Notes have an increasing demand for storing data in SQL (and little interest in XPages).

    Someone who has has done something similar comes to my mind. Johannes Fiala, see


    Midas probably also has some interesting capabilities in this area.

    And for the rest there still is DECS.

    In my case most customers keep Domino around for some time so I recommend considering the new Domino 9 REST interface and get data from there. Where I work there is no Codestore fame so hardly anyone wants to keep their existing data models.

    Starting fresh is the new black here.

    If you decide to do it I wish you all the best.

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