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  1. I would agree... programming has become much easier with Google. Without it, I have no doubt I could figure it out, but Google is a huge time saver.

    I laugh, someone asked me to update my resume the other day and I laugh at all of the things that are on the resume that I can't remember how to do... I know I did them in the past, but really..... at what point do you clear them off... sure it's been 13 years since I did PhoneNotes... can I claim that on my resume?

    I figure, the key is to keep learning, sure you'll forget stuff that you are not actively using, I've been doing consulting for 17 years, I can't even remember all of the company names I've done work for. If push comes to shove, I am sure the info is hidden somewhere in my brain.

    I think the trick is to be an expert / master at what you are currently working on and what is relevant. With experience comes the ability to learn quickly.

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