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  1. This code is great... Unfortunately, when trying to implement it, I found that this method does not work when trying to use radio buttons...

    The HTML to construct a radio button is something like below... (Considering you are asking a question and have lined them up in a table)

    <TR> <TD>Do you want to develop in Lotus Notes?</TD> <TD> <INPUT TYPE=radio NAME="ans1" VALUE="Yes"> <INPUT TYPE=radio NAME="ans1" VALUE="No"> </TD> </TR>

    This will then create a "single" radio button with "Yes" and "No" as the two options...

    When you implement the method in this thread, it works great if you use text fields, but when throwing in radio buttons and checkboxes, you will notice that when you select an option for another radio button down the line, it will deselect the chosen option before it. You know, that is what is supposed to happen.... radio buttons only allow for one option per field. When you name all of the HTML fields the same thing and use multiple radio buttons, it thinks they are all options in the same field. It just, I don't know....stinks that you have to name all the fields the same thing for this to work.

    I guess what I am getting at is hoping that this can be revisited. I am trying to create a user-populated form. Basically, they create their questions and options (for radio buttons and checkboxes) in a document, and I then create the form by importing the HTML that I dynamically generated in each document to construct the questions on the user form. I can do all this with LotusScript, I can even build the field names on the back-end of the document (

    For i=1 To dc.Count Dim qitem As New NotesItem(doc, "Qual" & i , "") Next

    ) which match the field names of the dynamically generated HTML field names, and then present it to the user so they can fill out the form - so technically they are there. The only problem is that if they are not on the actual underlying form, when you try and submit it you get all kind of errors and the document is never saved.

    Jake, you are an incredible developer and your ideas have helped me out many times and I guess I am wondering if you can revisit this and maybe see if you can help me figure out a way to submit a form with dynamically generated HTML fields and write them to the backend document.

    If this is a pipe-dream let me know that too so I can stop smashing my head against the wall.

    Thank you again for all of your wonderful code and ideas....keep up the outstanding work.

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