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  1. Hope this formats correctly. If not, its going to be on my web page at http://www.bluestream.org.

    I had an agent that I used to create a .csv file directly off of the web browser. I've converted it here. This is completely generic, and will dump any view listed without requiring conversion. I've added code here to properly format numbers and dates, which you can modify to your tastes. Just make sure you change the view name as necessary.

    What I normally do is create a hidden data dump view with all the raw data. That way when people ask for reports (like most people know what it means anyways,) I give them the benefits of the data dump, so they can create their own custom reports on the fly without waiting for a developer! This usually either pacifies them or confuses them enough to let me get back to my game...

    'Generate Report|report.xls:

    Option Public Option Explicit %INCLUDE "lsconst.lss" %INCLUDE "lsxbeerr.lss"

    Sub Initialize

    'This agent creates a excel file and dumps it directly to the web browser. 'The browser interprets it as a file. 'The script runs line by line, first taking the view column headers, then 'all the data itself. Please make sure you update the view name. 'It is currently ExportView

    Dim session As New NotesSession Dim db As NotesDatabase Dim v As NotesView Dim docX As NotesDocument Dim col As Integer Dim lineitem As String Dim View As String Set db = session.CurrentDatabase

    'Sets the download to use Excel Print |Content-Type:application/vnd.ms-excel| 'Triggers the save/open prompt instead of embedding the spreadsheet in the browser Print |Content-Disposition:Attachment; filename="Report.xls"| On Error Goto errorHandler

    View="ExportView" Set v = db.GetView(View$) Call v.refresh col=1 Print |<Table border>| lineitem="" Forall vColumn In v.Columns If col < 1 Then Elseif col=1 Then lineitem=|<th align="center"><FONT SIZE=3 COLOR="000000">|+vColumn.Title Else lineitem=lineitem+|<th align="center"><FONT SIZE=3 COLOR="0000FF">|+vColumn.Title End If col=col+1 End Forall lineitem=lineitem

    Print lineitem Set docX=v.GetFirstDocument lineitem="" While Not docX Is Nothing col=1 Forall cValue In docX.ColumnValues If col=1 Then lineitem=|<tr>| End If If cValue="" Then 'blank value still formats the cell lineitem=lineitem+|<td>&nbsp;</td>| Elseif Isdate(cValue) Then 'date format lineitem=lineitem+|<TD ALIGN="right" STYLE="vnd.ms-excel.numberformat:dd-mmm-yyyy">|+cValue+|</td>| Elseif Isnumeric(cValue) Then If (v.columns(col-1).numberformat=3) Then 'currency format lineitem=lineitem+|<td ALIGN="right" STYLE="vnd.ms-excel.numberformat:$#,##0.00">|+cValue+|</td>| Else 'other number format lineitem=lineitem+|<td ALIGN="right">|+cValue+|</td>| End If Else 'Plain text format lineitem=lineitem+|<td>|+cValue+|</td>| End If

    col=col+1 End Forall Print lineitem+|</tr>| Set docX=v.GetNextDocument(docX) Wend Print |</table>| Exit Sub

    errorHandler: Print "There has been an error " & Err() & " : " & Error() & " - On Line "+Cstr (Erl) & Chr$(13) Exit Sub

    End Sub

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