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  1. I have been working with MSXML Parser in LotusScript agent for weeks now. Works great except with secure data. By that I mean that when the MSXML object requests a url from the domino server, it does not pass the userid/password and all I get back are documents that an Anonymous user would.

    Has anyone found this to be true?

    Would you mind posting and/or sending me the code you use for MSXML object related processing? Here is mine:

    Sub Initialize 'This agent uses the MS xml parser and the domino readviewentries url, styled by xsl, to create html on the server and send it to the browser ' setup error handling On Error Goto errorHandler Dim msxmlErrorNumber As Integer Dim msxmlErrorText As String ' setup variables Dim source As Variant Dim style As Variant Dim sourceURL As String Dim styleURL As String Dim result As String Dim s As New NotesSession Dim db As NotesDatabase Dim dbServerNotesName As NotesName Dim dbServerName As String Dim dbFilename As String Dim dbFilePath As String Dim dbFolderPath As String Dim dbFilePathURL As String Dim dbFolderPathURL As String Set db = s.CurrentDatabase Set dbServerNotesName = New NotesName(s.CurrentDatabase.Server) dbServerName = dbServerNotesName.Common dbFilename = s.CurrentDatabase.FileName dbFilePath = s.CurrentDatabase.FilePath dbFolderPath = Left$(dbFilePath , Len(dbFilePath) - Len(dbFileName) ) dbFilePathURL = replaceSubstring(dbFilePath, "\", "/") dbFolderPathURL = replaceSubstring(dbFolderPath, "\", "/") ' parameters ' these can be either files or urls, however relative URL's don't seem to work so use absolute URL's ' sourceURL="http://" & dbServerName & "/" & dbFilePathURL & "/ExampleViewForXMLCategorized?ReadViewEntries&ExpandView&Count=10000" ' styleURL = "http://" & dbServerName & "/" & dbFilePathURL & "/(XSL_View_Generic)?OpenPage" ' styleURL = "http://" & dbServerName & "/" & dbFilePathURL & "/(XSL_View_Specific)?OpenPage" sourceURL="http://localhost/zip/work/xmlenglish.nsf/(ViewForXML)?ReadViewEntries &ExpandView&Count=10000" styleURL = "http://localhost/zip/work/xmlenglish.nsf/(XSL_CategorizedView)?OpenPage" ' load the XML Set source = CreateObject("Microsoft.XMLDOM") source.async = False source.load(sourceURL) ' load the XSL Set style = CreateObject("Microsoft.XMLDOM") style.async = False style.load(styleURL) ' url is property of DOMDocument that shows last successfully loaded document ' Print "source = " & source.url & "<br />" ' debug ' Print "style = " & style.url & "<br />" ' debug ' minor error checking... If Not(source.parseError.errorCode = 0) Then msxmlErrorNumber = source.parseError.errorCode msxmlErrorText = source.parseError.reason Error msxmlErrorNumber , msxmlErrorText Else ' transform source result = source.transformNode(style) End If Stop ' output transformed result Print "content-type: text/html" Print result ' Print "end" ' debug Exit Sub errorHandler: ' no context doc, so just print to the screen/browser Print "Line# " & Erl() ", Error # " & Err() & ": """ & Error() & """" Exit Sub End Sub

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