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  1. I got it done, though I had to change setStyle in the prototype.js file because of a "feature" of IE 7. When you add a CSS filter to an element in IE 7 it turns off clear type.


    Now that might not be a problem for some, but it is a problem for me. The D'N'D code sets opacity when dragging then sets opacity to 1 when it finishes dragging. In IE a filter is used to set opacity. Because it leaves a filter the dropped item's text appears pixilated. The solution is to remove the filter if the filter is blank. I added the following statements after the three places that it sets adds the filter in setStyle for opacity.

    if(element.style.filter.length === 0) element.style.removeAttribute('filter');

    Not the best solution, the text is still pixilated when dragging but at least clear type gets turned back on when the item is dropped.

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