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  1. So I spent half a day figuring this out, so learn from my pain!

    If you want to input DIFFERENT multiple field then you CANNOT interleave them.

    For example, FieldA FieldDB FieldA FieldB will only take the last instance of Field A and Field B.

    You must set your form so that the natural sequence of fields is FieldA FieldA FieldB FieldB which can be a real pain (and quite a limitation) if you wanted to say enter a PART NO followed by QTY for 50 different items (eg a quick order list).

    I only managed to get round it by placing the items in the correct order in a table so that the table contained the label in the first column with columns two and three containing the SAME field thus: PART NO: PARTNO PARTNO QTY REQ: PARTQTY PARTQTY

    but really I would liked to have unlimited entries; this way I am limited to the width of the screen.

    If anyone has found a workaround please post here!

    I guess it' easy to see wHY this happens, it's just a pity either HTML and/or Domino doesn't work differently.

    Basically the submit string contains something like PARTNO=123456&PARTNO=34567&PARTQTY=3&PARTQTY=20 so that all the items are concatenated together. If you interleave the fields then it "forgets" the first lot of values. Now is this domino just playing silly buggers or a limitation of HTML?

    I guess as we're using an anomoly of Domino I shouldn't moan too much, but still...!

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