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  1. I like the idea of reducing the number of views in a db. Using &RestrictToCategory has also been great for reducing the number of views in a db.

    I wish that &RestrictToCategory would allow you to use &Startkey as well. I have a "Go To" feature for web views that uses &Startkey to jump to a position in the view. However, it doesn't work with &Startkey.

    As for using XSLT with ?ReadViewEntries in Domino, I'm hooked! It used to be that when I needed to web-enable a "notes" app I had to make my own html views (the java applet for views is just too slow and the html generated by domino , even when you use css to help the formatting, isn't that great). HTML views is the way to go if you want nice clean and professional looking views.

    With XSLT, creating HTML views has become a snap. I have a working solution of using XSLT to transform "notes" views into html views. You can see it here:


    It is a client-side solution and requires IE 5+ and version 3 of the msxml parser. If you don't have version 3 of the msxml parser (or don't know) I provide a link to check your version and a link to automatically install version 3 of the msxml parser.

    I know that Jake doesn't like client-side solutions :) so I got some interest from some people on openNTF.org to come up with a server-side solution using my xsl stylesheets.


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