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    • Jonathon Llewellyn Thomas
    • Posted on Mon 20 May 2002

    Hi All

    I've been using this export method quite a lot recently and found it and excellent tool. One of the things I decided to do was allows users to export selected document only (from a Discussion View) to MSWord.

    The first thing I did was to search various Domino sites until I found an existing method of processing selected documents on the web (much easier than writing my own!). Anyway, much of this code I have taken from Notestips.com and the original code can be found here:

    http://www.notestips.com/80256B3A007F2692/0/F6B360E79988B37780256B7800809555?Ope nDocument

    I've just added a few feature to allow the export to Word (including how to handle RichText etc.. and a simple search and replace feature (again, 'borrowed' from Notes.net).

    Anway, I figure some people may find this useful as an example.

    i. follow the instructions from the notetip page (or download the sample database).

    ii. my code for the script library is as follows (agent remains the same).

    Sub ProcessMultiple(opWebDocument As NotesDocument) On Error Goto SubError ' ******** OBJECTS ************************************* Dim oSession As NotesSession Dim oDatabase As NotesDatabase Dim oSelected As NotesDocument Dim oRTItem As Variant Dim PlainText As String Dim CreateDate As Variant Dim todaysDate As String Set oSession = New NotesSession Set oDatabase = oSession.CurrentDatabase ' ******** VARIABLES *********************************** Dim vLoop As Long Dim vHTML As String Let vLoop = 0 todaysDate=SearchReplace(Date$,{/},{_}) ' ******** PROCESS SELECTED DOCUMENTS ****************** vHTML = vHTML + {<FONT Face="Arial" SIZE="4"><B>General Discussion Area</B></FONT><BR><BR>} vHTML = vHTML + {<TABLE STYLE="font : 8pt Verdana">} Print{Content-Type:application/msword} Print {Content-Disposition:Attachment; filename="DiscussionDocuments_} + todaysDate + {.doc"} Forall DocID In opWebDocument.CheckBox Set oSelected = oDatabase.GetDocumentByUNID(DocID) CreateDate = oSelected.Created vHTML = vHTML + "<TR><TD><B>" + oSelected.subject(0) + {</B></TD><TR><TD>} vHTML = vHTML + oSelected.From(0) + { - } + Cstr(CreateDate) + {</td></tr>} Set ortitem = oSelected.GetFirstItem( "Body" ) If ( ortitem.Type = RICHTEXT ) Then plainText = ortitem.GetFormattedText( False, 200 ) End If If oSelected.hasItem("ParentForm") Then vHTML = vHTML + "<TR><TD><B>Response Document</B></TD></TR><TR><TD>" + plainText + {</TD></TR>} Else vHTML = vHTML +"<TR><TD>" + plainText + {</td></tr>} End If vHTML = vHTML + "<TR></TR>" ' ** PROCESS DOCUMENT ** oSelected.Save True, True ' ** PROCESS DOCUMENT ** End Forall ' ******** PRINT RESULTS **************************** Print vHTML ' ******** EXIT ************************************* SubExit: Exit Sub ' ******** ERROR TRAP ******************************* SubError: Print "Error:" + Cstr(Err) + " " + Error Resume SubExit End Sub

    iii. the code for the Searchand Replace function as follows (included in the library). NOTE: turn off option declare/explicit or declare all variables in following script:

    Function SearchReplace(FullString$ , OldText$ , NewText$) As String REM This function will replace OldText$ with NewText$ in FullString$ REM Example Call: URL$ = SearchReplace(URL$ , {.com/} , {.net/}) AnyText$ = FullString$ pos& = Instr(AnyText$ , OldText$) While pos& > 0 AnyText$ = Left$(AnyText$,pos& -1) + NewText$ + Right$(AnyText$,Len(AnyText$) - pos& - Len(OldText$) + 1) pos& = pos& + Len(NewText$) pos& = Instr(pos&, AnyText$ , OldText$) Wend SearchReplace = AnyText$ End Function

    And there you have it, this works brilliantly for me.

    Hope this is of use to other people.

    Regards Jonathon

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