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  1. What I did was create two hidden multi value text fields, one called Col1Values and one called Col2Values. Then I created a table with two columns for input. The first column contains the pass through HTML {<input type="text" name="Col1Values">} in each row. The second column contains the pass through HTML {<input type="text" name="Col2Values">} in each row. Input is accepted without error from the web, but the result is a single value in each of the hidden multi value fields. What is stored is the value in the last row for each column.

    What I suspect might be happening is that Notes appends or ?replaces? values for fields depending on the order of the name/value pairs it receives. Successive pairs with the same name cause their values to be appended to the named field, but if the name is different from the previous pair then the value for that ?new? named field will start with the value in that current pair, even if the name had occurred before. In a single column table all the name/values for the one name are passed one after the other. In a two column table the order is likely to be column 1 name/value, column 2 name/value, column 1 name/value etc. That could explain what I've seen. In fact, I was able to get a subset of a column list by reducing the number of inputs for the other column, which put the last inputs for the longer column in succession again.

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