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    • Lloyd
    • Posted on Fri 10 Oct 2003

    Jake - just want to say THANKS!!! this is an awesome solution. Couple of questions though.

    I can't seem to get multiple RCPT TO addresses to work nor can I get the RCPT CC to work. I had this code modified to process to addresses from an array and process a CC address and it would work - kept saying all addresses not formatted correctly:

    Forall stos In SendTo ret = sendData(sock, "RCPT TO:" & stos & Chr(13) & Chr(10)) End Forall ret = sendData(sock, "RCPT CC:" & CopyTo & Chr(13) & Chr(10)) ret = isSockReady(sock) ret = receiveData(sock, myBuf) Print |<br>| & Left(myBuf, ret)

    What am I doing wrong???

    Many Thanks!!!!!

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