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    • laurent bettembourg
    • Posted on Wed 21 Mar 2001

    jsrefresh example can cause problems with accented characters. I'm using a 4.62a client with 4.6.1d server and all é,à... are replaced by eacute; aagrave;... As a matter of fact, all the generated javascript arrays are wrong and the refreshing list values are wrong too. A solution is to use uppercase characters.

    I found two technotes in the Lotus Notes Knowledge Base about similar problems. Here they are :

    Accented Characters Do Not Display Properly Using JavaScript & Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.02


    When using accented characters and a JavaScript form validation function, an display error occurs in the alert() prompt. Instead of the accented character being displayed in the alert(), the character is converted to a descriptive code (example: é, instead of an accented E). For example:

    1. JavaScript files can be stored in a Notes document and retrieved through a dblookup into the header of the HTML form. 2. Initially, the French characters, for example é, were entered directly into the JavaScript code. But when the alert message appeared, the é was converted to é. 3. If you switch to the octal value, and replaced the é with \351, this works for all browsers except Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.02.


    To workaround this issue, use a straight HTML file where you type in the code and let the server convert it for you.

    Accented Characters in META Tags and in JavaScript Converted to HTML Entities


    When you use accented characters in a META tag in a Notes document ($$HTMLHead), you find that the HTTP task converts them into a 7-bit encoding. For example, you use the following tag:

    <META NAME="GENERATOR" CONTENT="accentued char : é">

    This text will be converted as follows:

    <META NAME="GENERATOR" CONTENT="accentued char : &eacute;">

    The Domino HTTP server does not support accented characters (8-bit encoding); however, this tag works on other HTTP servers.


    This issue was reported to Lotus Quality Engineering and has been addressed in Domino 4.6.2.

    Excerpt from the Lotus Notes and Lotus Domino Release 4.6.2 QMR fix list:

    SPR# LEZ3VZEAE - Prevent the conversion of accented characters in META tags and in JavaScript to HTML entities by providing US-ASCII as a character set choice for the HTTP server in the Server document of the Address Book. [4.6.2]

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