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    • Fredrik Stöckel
    • Posted on Wed 23 Mar 2011 06:38 PM

    Agree with some of the above comments - experience is key here. Most of today's frameworks allows you to build a CRUD like webapp in no time (once you know your weapon).

    it's often later on in the dev-process that you might benefit (or not) from the builtin capabilities of the platform (thinking about access-rights, roles, search, app-isolation, task-scheduling and so on).

    Each framework helps solving different aspects of the requirements in a more or less time- effective/automated way.

    Sometimes you need to ad layers of functionality to accommodate the reqirements of the system (or the maintainability). Each layer/product might be a rock-solid solution by it's one but when you throw several of those in the mix things get complex fast.

    Sometimes I feel we tend to spend more time focusing

    on finding the perfect tool (feature-by-feature) rather than learning how to build a great app from a solid design/archtectural perspective regardless


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