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  1. Jake, do you think you only get domino developer traffic to your site? I think your site's holds its own as a fine example to web development as a whole.

    I strive to maintain/enhance my domino skills at home (v7) despite moving to php in my workplace (we still support some old V5 Domino Apps using v5 clients).

    Enough bush beating: I think if you can publish javascript/DOM/JSON/AJAX articles/downloads for domino, you should think about providing a seperate zipped download of the javascript (not wrapped in the domino template - which amongst other things v5 can't open) and your article could display links to the source libraries you've used.

    I think this would only enhance your web design audience.

    ....and even if it didn't, al least I wouldn't have to wait until I got home to download the template, extract the js to xdrive before working on it the following day ;0)

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