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  1. Somebody nicked the green door of my local box a few years ago. Its on a main road, thousands of folks walking past and it was completely open to the elements. At least 3 calls to BT failed to fix it over 3 months. My third call was to tell em the missing door was sitting in the canal around the corner. They could just fish it out. After 3 months they tie-wrapped an open 'barrier' type stand in front of the box. I could still wreak havoc with a pair of wire cutters and so could anybody else! 6 months later that, they replaced the box. On every call, I was told its not my problem as they couldn't tie the issue to my account on their suport system, so nobody ever called me. When I said its has 2 analogue lines, my broadband and 4 ISDN lines going thru it they just laughed. Maybe the 'electric shock' stickers keep the public away!

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