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  1. Hi the reply is wee bit too late...but hope it serves the purpose...well chk out if ur column values contain string arrays....if that is the case then modify the code like this

    Sub Initialize Dim db As NotesDatabase Dim qs As NotesView Dim nv As NotesViewNavigator Dim ne As NotesViewEntry Dim nd As NotesDocument Dim ns As New notessession Dim vcols As Variant Dim xlapp As Variant Set db=ns.currentdatabase Set qs = db.GetView("viewname") vcols = qs.columns Set nd =qs.getfirstdocument Print {Content-Type:application/vnd.ms-excel} Print {<table border="1">} Print{<tr>} For x = 0 To Ubound(vcols) If vcols (x).ishidden = False Then If vcols (x).title <> "" Then Print { <td width="80">}&vcols(x).title+{</td>} cols = cols + 1 End If End If Next Print{</tr>} While Not(nd Is Nothing) Print{ <tr><td>}&nd.getfirstitem("field1").text +{</td></tr>} Set nd = qs.GetNextDocument( nd ) Wend Print {</table>} End Sub

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