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    • Ted Sadler
    • Posted on Sat 16 Mar 2013 08:16 PM

    Not only did you not waste an hour of your life on this post, you have just saved me hours of starting from scratch this coming Monday.

    I was just kind of poking around the Web on a bunch of different subjects and was looking for what your latest musings on .NET might be when I stumbled on the latest post of your update to this subject. Well, as it turns out, I'm currently working on a horrid project that has to go through all the documents in a set of NSFs and, for each one where a field has 1 specific value, search all the other DBs for any document where that field has any one of 3 values and an timestamp within a specific range. I've wrestled the past week on different ways to restructure it and was bemoaning the fact that I can't use C# at work but then I saw your latest update, read it, caught up in reverse order on the postings about this and it all clicked. Monday morning, I'll be wrapping those docs and this little project is in the bag.

    And, yes, this is all LotusScript. I'll believe IBM has made Java king of Notes dev when I can write a Java agent in the Designer, set a breakpoint in NotesMain and click the Eclipse Debug\As Java button. And define my view columns in Groovy or Jython.

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