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  1. Hi,

    I was wondering.

    If you place the query field and submit button in a seperate form you don't have to create an addictional Query field in your subform. You can directly adress your form field value by 'document.searchform.value'.

    this is the way i would do it :

    </form> <form name="searchform" action="something" methos="post"> <input type="text" name="query"/><br/> <a href="JavaScript:search(document.searchform.value);">Search</a><br/> </form>

    Make sure not to break up your Notes form. This can be avoided by making a seperate edit (client) and view (HTML and computed fields) section in your forms. I personaly like the 'form' way better. This way you divide the Notes form from the search part.

    Or am I missing something and am I bound for errors?

    p.s. Great site. I practicly learned to develop notes apps through your site :). Thanks for sharing.

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