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    • Keith
    • Posted on Thu 22 Jun 2006

    Hi Jake, thanks for cool validator! I'm having a bit of a problem implementing it though. I have a web form which populates a field (RegExp_id) with a regular expression (/(\D{3}\d{4})$/). I'm attempting to use that regular expression to validate another field (ID) but to no avail. If I do an alert, it's getting the value of the RegExp_id field. I've tried the following:

    var RegEx = new RegExp(document.forms[0].RegExp_id.value,'g'); Validator.fields= [ {name: "ID",type: "regex",pattern: RegEx, message: "Please enter a valid AD ID (abc1234)"} ]

    return Validator.validate();

    Now, if I don't use the variable RegEx and just type in the regular expression everything works as designed. I just can't get past this. Please help.

    Thanks, Keith

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