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  1. Jake, I am trying to follow the path you took to get started writing servlets. I downloaded JDK (because you mentioned Domino still uses 1.1.8) and then went to download NetBeans. The NetBeans requirements says you need JDK 1.3 or higher. Has Domino changed which version of the JDK it uses ? What should I do now ? uninstall JDK and download JDK 1.3 ? Thank you for your assistance.

    Bron M. Burda Corporate Commercial Finance Application Support bron.m.burda@bankofamerica.com

    P.S. I support a complex Notes application. I need to webify the app and also remove all dependency on the Notes Client because we are moving away from Lotus Notes and the client licenses expire at end of year 2003. Hence my interest in Servlets. I have not worked with JAVA before. If you can offer any other advice on how to attack this problem I would glady put on my "Great American's List" and send lots of positive Kharma in your direction.

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