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  1. from the quick look that i gave the code, it looks like the connection object is recreated for each thread. am i correct?

    if so, then couldn't you have just created one connection object and passed it into the InsertThread constructor? or is that a no-no with db2?

    the reason that i ask is that i wrote a similiar agent that shares a thin connection object amongst 25 or so threads. it replicates over 200,000 records from oracle8i to domino 5.x. while it does run fast -- around 2.5 hours -- ocassionally it seems to hang the amgr task. i was wondering if you had encountered something similiar and thats why you did the connection object the way that you did.

    see the following at bob's site:

    http://www.looseleaf.net/Looseleaf/Forum.nsf/8178b1c14b1e9b6b8525624f0062fe9f/a6 da545cd9e50e8785256b4c004dc061?OpenDocument

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