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  1. Jake,

    Thanks for the kind words.

    Of course you have to go where the paying work is. That's the most important thing there is.

    But I would suggest that the point of watching more videos, or playing with XPages, is just about the overall education of a tool. Why not learn about something new as time permits?

    You have such a great base on domino knowledge. You already know all the objects and formulas. You know the security and you know the web languages. You also know some of the other tools out there like Flex and ASP.NET. Something I know nothing about unfortunately. I really did like what you did with the getters and setters in your example. I enjoy class coding.

    I just believe in our field if there's any easy way to learn about something new we need to educate ourselves on it to some extent.

    Certainly if there as an "ASP In 9" or "Flex in 9" type screencast I'd be all over those myself.

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