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  1. I'm having the same problem that another poster reported with the totals not appearing. In the source code, where you would expect x: I get ul: even thought the agent code is the same. I'm seriously banging my head on this one. Anyone have a suggestion?

    BTW, thanks for all the great articles, Jake!

    further explanation (as I've posted on many web sites and got no answers):

    I have a webquerysave agent that exports some values to Excel, then runs a formula against them. The documentation (mainly codestore.net)I've read says to use a line like: <tr><td>Total</td><td x:fmla="=SUM (B2:B5)"><b></b></td></tr>

    This should produce the total, and in the source something like:

    <td class=xl27 align=right x:num="70000" x:fmla="=SUM (B2:B5)">70,000.00</td>

    However, nothing shows in my total cell, and my source looks like:

    <td class=xl25 width=53 style='border-top:none;border- left:none;width:40pt' u1:fmla="=SUM(B2:B5)">&nbsp;</td>

    notice that the desired result has x:fmla=.. while mine has u1:fmla=..

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