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    • nick wall
    • Posted on Mon 15 Feb 2010 05:22 AM


    Further to the performance thread:

    Set userView = web.directory.getView("($VIMPeople)")

    historically, if I wanted to "freeze" a view, I would then add the line:

    userView.autoupdate =false

    I would not add this line if I wanted to always be checking with the latest index, but...(I think it was on Chris Toohey's site, maybe someone else's, it was a recent posting which brought this to my attention) if you don't do the autoupdate =false, every time you perform a userView.getDocumentByKey( "", true ) it re-indexes the view.

    I managed to find a link to IBM Application tuning article, search page for view.GetDocumentByKey, which backs this up:


    "Note: view.AutoUpdate = False is used primarily to avoid error messages when getting a handle to the next document in a view if the previous document has been removed from the view, but it also improves performance substantially for the agent running. When changing data in documents, you may see significant improvement in your views with view.AutoUpdate = False."

    ...so I now use this setting much more!

    Been reading you since the beginning, keep up good work.


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