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    • Posted on Tue 1 Feb 2011 04:15 PM

    Webforms is like someone took VisualBasic 6 and tried to shoehorn it into a web development environment. For people with no knowledge of HTML & Javascript this is not bad, as it tries to hide it away behind asp:controls and an Event paradigm that is a bit weird if you really know how a web app works. When it appeared, years ago, it wasn't such a bad approach (javascript libraries weren't popular and doing complex web apps required lots of work), but times have moved on.

    MVC is as if someone at Microsoft looked back at it, looked at Ruby On Rails and other modern platforms, took the best parts, realized you can do great things with js libraries (jquery & jquery-ui are now included in new MVC3 projects, but you can use a others) and built a new platform with all that previous knowledge.

    You can do anything with both, but using one or the other depends on what your style of programming.

    If you are fine with using the standard (or third party) controls, because you are looking for a RAD environment, and don't really care about HTML/CSS/JS, then Webforms is the best one.

    If you are going to create public webpages, or any other page were you want control of the generated HTML, or use JS libraries, MVC is much, much, better (and easier).

    And yes, if you look at ScottGu's blog, or any other similar blogs, MVC + C# seems the default for any new projects.

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