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  1. Hi everyone!

    Firstly let me say a huuuuge thanks to Jake. This site is my development BIBLE. (Please dont weird out im not a nut).

    My problem is with sending the HTML mail to external domains. Heres a bit of background. Id appreciate any comments.

    My company currently uses Exchange for email (Domino lost on that battlefront) and our Domino servers can post mail directly to the SMTP server.

    Mail is usually generated by LS agents and all deliver without any troubles. The Java agent in this demo worked fine while I was testing and incorporating the forms into one of our web apps, but when it came to do some "real world" testing I kept receiving the "One of the RCPT addresses was invalid?" error message.

    During initial testing I used my work email address as a default value (dlowden@acp.com.au) and all appeared fine - I was happily receiving full colour HTML glorified emails from Domino. But (and theres always a But isnt there) I decided to throw in a Hotmail curve ball for the hell of it and up pops the error message.

    Im sure its a Domino/Exchange thing but our Admin guys are mainly MS oriented. The thing that throws me is that LS mail can send thru OK.

    Any Help? Please?

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