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  1. I have a problem. If I import an entire html page from local directory by using notesmimeentity, there will be some problem in javascript and image. I save the html file as *.mht format , but it can't be displayed correctly, the word document has the same problem. Does any one know how to display an entire htm | mht | word document with image in rtf field correctly?

    Set stream = s.CreateStream s.ConvertMIME = False Set doc = db.CreateDocument

    Set body = doc.CreateMIMEEntity Set header = body.CreateHeader("Subject") Call header.SetHeaderVal("HTML message") ' this is the subject

    Call stream.Open("C:\Test001.htm") Call body.SetContentFromText(stream,"text/html;charset=utf-8",ENC_IDENTITY_BINARY)

    s.ConvertMIME = True

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