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  1. Hey this thing is great, but I' have an issue with getting 1.5 to work. When I open an existing document (not creating a new one), I'm getting the Javascript error " 'Event' is undefined ". Also, when I try to watch 'NamePicker', it is undefined. I've run through the debugger, but I've had no luck. I've really got no idea why this is happening and I hope you don't mind giving a few pointers.

    To me it seems like Prototype and the NamePicker library are not loading before this is called. Here's the call that's generating the error (from the NamePicker subform), and I only changed the addressbook and OutputFormat parameters. <script type="text/javascript"> Event.observe(window, 'load', function() { NamePicker.init( { addressbook: '/names.nsf', viewname: '($VIMPeople)', column: 1, OutputFormat: 'XML' }); }); </script>

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