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  1. Print {Content-Type:application/vnd.ms-excel} Print {Hello Excel}

    The simple code (above) acts differently depending on how the operating system is set-up to handle XLS files. It appears the a machine with IE6 installed always launches XLS files in-place within the browser unless told otherwise, however IE5.x does not always use in-place launching and instead launches the full blown excel app.

    To fix this in NT (I assume this is similar in 9x). Open explorer (not internet explorer) and goto Tools\Folder Options\File Types. Scroll down the file type list until you find "Microsoft Excel Worksheet" with an extension of "XLB XLS" and click "Edit". The Edit dialog has a check box called "Browse in same window" make sure this is checked!

    When checked XLS file URLs will be loaded into the browser window and not launched separately.

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