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    • Darren
    • Posted on Thu 20 Dec 2012 02:26 PM

    Nice write-up. But one thing... "To truly get Windows 8 you have to use it on a touch screen device". I disagree, my main machine is a ThinkPad T420s - this doesn't have a touch screen but I do *get* Windows 8 on it. One of the crucial things is that the trackpad drivers have been updated to support Windows 8, specifically the start screen where you can use two fingers to scroll back 'n' forth and to pinch 'n' zoom. Also the resolution of the 420s (1600x900) allows Windows 8 apps to sit side-by-side with the desktop so you can keep your peripheral vision on something else like the news or stocks. There's a lot of businesses interested in the concept of building Windows 8-style to sit in that peripheral position (and then quickly be moved into the main view).

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