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    • Sally
    • Posted on Thu 8 May 2003

    Jake, this is really great. It's very helpfully. Thank you for all your good work. However, I do have a question on using this for Notes client.

    I find out that even though there is a if ( doSubmit(document.forms[0], true ) ) document.forms[0].ValidationStatus.value = "1"; document.forms[0].submit();

    statement, Notes client will still pop out a window asking if you want to save or not.

    The workaround for this is to call the doSubmit function in the "OnSubmit" event of the form and have the below in the "Save with Validation" button: @Command([FileSave]); @If( ValidationStatus = "0"; @Return(""); ""); @Command([FileCloseWindow])

    But, because of the nature of the application, I have to call the doSubmit function in an action button instead of in the "OnSubmit" event, is there anyway around it in javascript? how do I translate the [@If( ValidationStatus = "0"; @Return(""); "");] statement?

    You might be too busy, but when you have a chance, I'd appreciate your advice.

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