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  1. Hey Jake, good stuff.

    One thing I was thinking on last night was an easy way to tie this to server side validation as we know both client and server side are important. What's needed is a bit of a framework (using available tools) to allow the Javascript client side implementation to be autmatically produced by server side form settings, e.g. a field called Validation_Rules that might invoke a script library which would have a two-fold function: compute the proper JS to call the validator as needed for the form, and to perform WebQuerySave validaiton using the exact same rule set. WQO processes to produce needed runtime JS, WQS processes to server side validate.

    The ruleset might be something as simple as a nested delimited list in a computed text field. field_name:field_label:rule#; field_name:field_label... etc.

    The goal being minimal setup to kill two birds with one stone. Maybe version 4.0, eh?

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