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  1. hi, jan, or jake,

    jake your website is such a gem... most the problems i encounter i find the solutions through you site. when i read your HTML email article six months ago, it worked beautifully and showed it to all my colleagues. i kept a version of that six month old test database which still runs perfectly.

    of late, i ran into the same problem as jan. now, that i try to use the concept of extracting HTML email from notes site, i made another copy of your SMTP socket mailer database on the same server where the old copy still runs perfectly. however, after recompiled agent WQS-SendURL on the news databse i get "security error".

    i placed a copy of the NSF on R6, which has

    http -ON enable lister -ON smtp mail routing -ON enable restricted java, unrestricted java - ON

    plus the agents, signed.

    still i got security error. Just to isolate the problem, i tried connecting and sending a 4 liner html throught the SMTP server using lotuscript and still works okay. in the same manner the old copy compiled six months ago is working fine.

    So, i think it has to do with the java mail class.

    I think it's more like Security Exception.

    I'm not a lotus notes server admin, i just do codes. What should i tell my admin colleague? which services on domino should she turn on?

    sorry for bothering you about this. and thank you very much, tina

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