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  1. Hi,

    interessting article, and i am really looking forward to the article describing editing in both web client and Notes client :)

    We have also concluded that the biggest challenge is handling images that are pasted into rich text fields. I think one possible solution for this is to move the image out of the rich text field and creat an image resource, which is referenced from the rich text field. This would have to be done automatically ,by an agent, the first time the document is edited from web. Then the img reference in the web client would be valid, since it references an image resource, and the picture would appear as before in the Notes client. At least i thought it would appear as before in the Notes client, but after some testing today it appears that the image actually dissapears in notes, so i would have to work further with this...

    Anyway i would very much appreciate your database.

    Thanks Børge.

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