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  1. Hello!

    I was hoping that someone could help me understand when to use the "Generate HTML for all fields" property, and when not to use it...

    I have been using this property on a project for a while getting all kinds of unpredicted results (forms that won't display in a browser etc.). Finally I decided not to use it.

    What I did instead was using computed for display fields for those fields I needed on the form (using Javascript...), like this: <input name="test" value="[computed for display field]" type="hidden">

    The problem is that I use a WebQuerySave agent that uses the information in one of these fields. The only way I can get the agent to accept the values is to make the field editable and place it outside the <input>-tag.

    If some of you understands what I am trying to explain and what my problem is, please try to help...

    Thanks Ove

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