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  1. This tech note was such a help, I just had to give something back.

    To get a graphic button to work, create a computed for display field. We'll name it SearchButn. In the formula put:

    "{<a href=\"Javascript:doSearch(document.forms[0].Query)\"> <img border =0 alt =\"Click to launch the SEARCH\" src ="+DbReferer+"/go_Army.gif></a>}"

    Then on your form, (in my case $$ViewTemplateDefault), create another hidden field called DbReferer, I made mine editable, with the formula:

    @Text("/" + @ReplaceSubstring(@Subset(@DbName;-1);"\\" : " "; "/" : "+"))

    One thing to note, to get it to work, I had to change the doSearch call from "this.form.Query" to "document.forms[0].Query" as shown above or it kept giving the error about not having the object this.form.Query.

    Jake - Thanks for super site! Bill

    [<strong>Editor's Note:</strong>] Replace the {}s in the above code with []s.

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