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  1. This is purely subjective, but it seems to me that it is faster - but when done a large number of times.

    I tested three small agents, the first used an @dblookup like this:

    value := @DbLookup("" : "NoCache";"";ID;"field"); FIELD myfield := value;

    The second:

    value := @DbLookup("" : "";"";ID;"field"); FIELD myfield := value;

    And the third

    value := @GetDocField(ID;"field"); FIELD myfield := value;

    My results for around 10000 documents were:

    Dblookup (no cache): 20 seconds Dblookup (cached): 13 seconds

    GetDocField: 15 seconds

    Again, very subjective - I did run the tests a few times and made sure there was no other load on my machine, but the results were consistent.

    Food for thought.

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