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  1. Thanks Jake for a good article - I used it recently as a starting point when learning how to get Domino and XML to work together. I haven't gone too far but I thought I might add something to the main article.

    To get Jake's example working without any manual intervention:

    1. Create a HTML page (in Notepad or as a Domino page). 2. Create a named span on the page somewhere e.g. <SPAN id="XMLViewData"></SPAN>. 3. In the onLoad event run the following Javascript:

    var xmlDoc var xslDoc

    xmlDoc = new ActiveXObject('Microsoft.XMLDOM') xmlDoc.async = false;

    xslDoc = new ActiveXObject('Microsoft.XMLDOM') xslDoc.async = false;

    xmlDoc.load("http://www.codestore.org/A55692/store.nsf/xml?ReadViewEntries&Prefo rmat&Count=9999")


    XMLViewData.innerHTML = xmlDoc.documentElement.transformNode(xslDoc)


    Loading this page will load both the source Notes view (now a live representation) as well as the XSL Stylesheet and place it inside the SPAN.

    NOTE: The &Preformat extension to the ?ReadViewEntries seems to be very important - I couldn't get it to work without it.

    I'm still learning this stuff so hopefully I haven't misinformed anyone - apologies if any of this is wrong!

    Keep up the good work Jake!

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