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    • Anna
    • Posted on Mon 22 Dec 2003


    From a website I have a link to open a notesdatabase in the client environment (works like charm with "notes//.."), the only problem when opening the client from a browser window is that I cannot set focus on the client window.

    If the client is not running before clicking the link, then the client opens AND get focus. If the client is opened before clicking the link, you only see the minimized window flashing.

    I have been playing around with window.blur() to control the "mother" windows minimizing - but if the user has previous watched any other window before clicking the link that window then gets focus. The only way of handling notes client getting focus seems to be if I use a "window.open(notesId)" to open the client, the client opens OK with focus - but I got a new blank window opened as well... :( )

    Now I have got an explanation that this appearently OS related, in NT4 it works like intended (this beaviour with flashing taskbar button is starting with 98SE/2000/XP)

    Any tips?

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