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  1. I am using this code to do some field validationon my form it it all works great except for one minor issue.

    I have a field that has HTML attributes of TYPE=Password. THe valdiation code will not check if that field is null.

    In my JSHeader I have added the foolowing code

    if ( f.request_login_typecmp.value == "2" ) a[a.length] = [f.request_cnfpassword, 'Confirm Password is a required field' ];

    if ( f.request_login_typecmp.value == "2" ) a[a.length] = [f.request_password, 'Password is a required field' ];

    It however does not get picked up as being null. If I remove the HTML attributes of TYPe=Password it traps the null field

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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