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  1. I am having a problem where when I attach the file , when it arrives in a yahoo mail file , it looses the file extention of the attachment when you save the file.

    also , if I mail it to a notes user , the file extention is a .dat file.

    here is my code :

    If currdoc.HasEmbedded Then Forall o In currdoc.Items If o.name = "$FILE" Then Dim object1 As NotesEmbeddedObject Set object1 = currdoc.GetAttachment(o.values(0)) filename = object1.name Call object1.ExtractFile("C:\" + object1.name) End If End Forall End If If fileName <> "" Then Set Child = body.createChildEntity() Set header = child.createHeader("Content-Type") Call header.setHeaderVal("multipart/mixed") Set header = Child.createHeader("Content-Disposition") Call header.setHeaderVal("attachment filename=" + fileName) Set header = child.createHeader("Content-ID") Call header.setHeaderVal(fileName) Set stream = se.CreateStream If(stream.open("C:\" +fileName )) Then Call Child.setContentFromBytes(stream, "application/octet-stream", ENC_IDENTITY_BINARY) End If Call stream.close() Call stream.truncate()

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