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    • Larry Lizzard
    • Posted on Mon 6 Jan 2003


    5) works also in Notes 4

    6) only 1 line of javascript needed, but can be combined with Jakes fieldcheck script for not allowed search querys like the word "field"

    7) even works when a document is in edit mode. If you don't want the search box on a document that is in edit mode, you can hide the pass-through-html selecting the checkbox "Hide when opened for Editing".

    What is REALLY nice if you put on the $$SearchTemplateDefault form a hidden editable text field called "Query_String_Decoded" and the not-hidden editable text field called queryString which has the default value of "@Trim(@ReplaceSubstring((@Middle(Query_String_Decoded;"&Query="; "&"))". Users can thus see what they have searched for and when you add a new search button next to it, they can alter their search query easily and resubmit it with one click.

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