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  1. This article could not have come at a better time for me.

    I've got users in a site that, for whatever reason, keep getting prompted to download the Java applet. They have no option to tick the "Always trust content from IBM Lotus...". Because I work in a huge enterprise (HBOS) no-one can say why these users experience this annoyance except that their PC build is somehow different.

    So I was looking to replace the Java applet and this article comes along. Great!

    Except now the users are complaining about a lack of a spell checker when using the Intranet! (Yes, I know you can buy a spell checker for use in a web environment, but have you ever tried to get authorisation from management to spend money on things like that?!).

    So well done, Jake, this must have been quite a bit of work, but the results are excellent.

    You mention that MS may not continue Java support in future releases of IE; but are we (you) confident that this HTMLarea will work and be supported 3 years from now? That will be a question levelled at me by my manager if I try and implement this solution as a strategic way forward...

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