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  1. Hi,

    First of all: I love this site!

    I have many different forms with different required fields on my database and I like to use just one Validate page or subform. I also want to hand it over to administrators to deside which fields on which form should be required.

    I would like to make a "ReqFields" for required fields and a "ReqFieldsText" for description of required fields on the current form. The Value of these fields comes from a view, which lookup to a administrator-defined form (see the ex.)

    ReqFields value:@DbLookup("" : "NoCache"; ""; "viewValidate"; Seminar;3)

    ReqFieldsText value::@DbLookup("" : "NoCache"; ""; "viewValidate"; Seminar;4)

    ReqFields are defined in the view like this: @If(FirstNameValidate="*";"FirstName";"")+ @If(LastNameValidate="*";";"+"LastName";"")+ @If(CompanyValidate="*";";"+"Company";"")

    ReqFieldsText are defined like this: @If(FirstNameValidate="*";"Please enter your first name";"")+ @If(LastNameValidate="*";";"+"Please enter your last name";"")+ @If(CompanyValidate="*";";"+"Please enter your first company";"")

    So if the administrator sets a "*" in field "FirstNameValidate" than the field FirstName should be required.

    Now, how can I refer to the Reqfields and ReqfieldsText on the form instead of to specify each required field on the Validate Page?

    Thank you for any help. Armand Tara

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