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    • Jonathon Llewellyn thomas
    • Posted on Fri 17 May 2002

    Hi All

    From my painful experience I would suggest that Domino Security does apply to this. I was working on producing an Excel spreadsheet from a log view so Tutors (it's an educational application) could see who has been contributing etc...

    However, to save time, I was working on a local copy and wondering why nothing was appearing in Excel when the debugger showed it working fine.

    After many hours, it suddenly dawned that the log form is controlled by Reader fields (to allow student to see a list of documents they have read, whilst Tutors see the whole picture). Of course, when testing offline (ie not logged in) it was returning no records in the browser (of course the debugger was fine in the client).

    Anyway, despite my own, self-inflicted problem, this is a great tool. As Jake said, we can now give end users the data in a format they are familar with and let them analyse it at will (and stop bugging us!).

    Regards All. Jonathon

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